Polosweater Marine 

product PSW300 colour nr. 10

Polosweater black 

product PSW300 colour nr. 70

Polosweater Marine-red

product PSW300 colour nr. 1020

Polosweater Marine-yellow 

product PSW300 colour nr. 1030

Polosweater Marine-orange 

product PSW300 colour nr. 1040

Polosweater Marine-cornfl. blue 

product PSW300 colour nr. 1060

Polosweater red-Marine 

product PSW300 colour nr. 2010

Polosweater lime-Marine 

product PSW300 colour nr. 5010

Polosweater white-grey 

product PSW300 colour nr. 5580

Polosweater cornfl. blue-Marine 

product PSW300 colour nr. 6010

Polosweater black-red 

product PSW300 colour nr. 7020

Polosweater black-orange 

product PSW300 colour nr. 7040

Polosweater grey-black 

product PSW300 colour nr. 8070

Polosweater anthracite-black 

product PSW300 colour nr. 9070

Indushirt Polosweater Bi-colour with (inset) chest pocket

Product: PSW300

Quality: 60% cotton / 40% polyester 300 gsm

High-quality and durable workwear

Specs: Neck tape, Ribbed cuffs and waistband, (inset) chest pocket

Sizes: S – 4XL

Supply: from stock

Set: Can be combined with Indushirt T-shirt (TS180) and Polo-shirt (PS200)