Indushirt DUO


Sustainable workwear that fits you well

Feel the quality of our Indushirt workwear, made of the best materials


Due to the good fit, the Indushirt workwear is comfortable to wear during daily work.



Discover how Indushirt can enhance your corporate identity and professional image

through the design of the clothing, which is offered in many colors and color combinations.



Even after many washes, the Indushirt clothing remains beautiful in color and retains its fit.

You can also wash the workwear at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).



And by choosing organic clothing you can contribute to the preservation of our world.



High quality, durable and sustainable

Workwear should not only be sustainable; it should also be durable. With our Indushirt workwear line we make an important contribution to this, because, due to its high quality, the clothing lasts a long time. 


Indushirt and our organic clothing are certified

By choosing Indushirt workwear you can be sure that:

The clothing is pleasant to wear.


You always find the right size; XXS - 4XL, and at request it is also tailored for extra large sizes.


The clothing is sustainable, also due to the organic cotton.


The clothing is washable at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).


Worn clothing gets a second life.


Give your old workwear a second life

If you return worn Indushirt clothing, we ensure you that the clothing is recycled and processed into raw materials that, in its turn, will be the basis for other products. This gives your clothing a second life, and thus, we jointly contribute to the circular economy.


Available from stock

 Indushirt clothing is sold through specialized dealers who provide expert advice.   


Discover our workwear collection

Wherever you work and whatever you do, we assume you want your workwear to be comfortable and of high quality. With the Indushirt workwear you choose clothing that meets these practical requirements. 


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