We would be leading in offering sustainable workwear and be a valuable supplier for companies and organizations that wish to follow a Socially Responsible Procurement Policy.


Indushirt has made substantial efforts in recent years to produce workwear as sustainable as possible. A large part of our clothing is made from organic cotton. 

We certainly want to be at the forefront of sustainability. 


Every day a motivated team is at work in order to satisfy our customers  by supplying  comfortable and sustainable workwear. 



We do this by setting high standards for our clothing in terms of

material and fit.


In addition, we ensure that our workwear is produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner in accordance with the GOTS, OCS, BSCI and ILO standards. This means that we have special care for the people who make our products.  


And, we are recognized for our customer-friendly and fast service. 

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