With Indushirt you are choosing the most sustainable workwear

Our aim is to lead the way in offering sustainable workwear, in order to make a significant contribution to organisations and companies that wish to follow a Socially Responsible Procurement Policy.



The Indushirt clothing is produced in a factory that is GOTS, OCS, OEKO-TEX certified and BSCI verified. We want our Indushirt clothes to be manufactured according to strict standards with the aim of protecting the environment and ensuring good working conditions for employees. Compliance with these standards is assessed each year.


Organic cotton

Indushirt also offers a complete workwear line (T-shirts, Polo-shirts, Polo-sweaters and Sweaters) that are made from Organic cotton. This line is GOTS and OCS certified.



When we talk about sustainable workwear we also address that our Indushirt clothing is produced to a very high standard of quality, so that it can be worn for a long time.



We contribute to the circular economy. Indushirt clothing which is returned to us is processed to produce raw materials which can be re-used.