Indushirt UNI-line and DUO-line (Organic)have been         GOTS and OCS certified by Control Union             No: CU 854724

The Indushirt TO 180 products (T-shirts) are GOTS certified.

The Indushirt PO 200, PSO 300 and SRO 300 products (Polo-shirts, Polo-sweaters and Sweaters) are OCS certified.


GOTS and OCS are both worldwide leading textile processing standards for organic fibers.

These standards have been defined to ensure the organic status of textiles. The GOTS standard has specific production requirements regarding the (non) use of chemical inputs such as dyestuffs and auxiliaries used must meet certain

environmental and toxicological criteria. A functional waste water treatment plant is mandatory for any wet-processing unit involved. GOTS  includes social criteria based on the key norms of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and a social compliance management with defined elements, like minimum social standards relating to freedom of association, health and safety.

The GOTS and OCS standards for Indushirt concern the entire chain from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and distribution.

All steps in the chain for the Indushirt clothes have been certified by an independent and certification body, Control Union.